Welcome to Wolaita Times Media, Wolaita Times Media strives to build vibrant society through information!


Wolaita Times media and Advertising service set up three years ago to create a bright Ethiopia where all people can live in peace, harmony and love by creating a consensus on national, economic and political issues .

The media is mainly led by a well-educated and experienced journalist who has experience in the use of social media as a source of information, and is striving to contribute to the country’s efforts to provide fast and up-to-date information to the public.

Wolaita Times: In the future, all citizens will be able to work together to build a prosperous and prosperous Ethiopia where all citizens can live in peace, love and harmony. Focusing on useful and educative information, responsibly providing timely and balanced information to the public, as well as being a reliable source of information not only for the local community but also for the followers outside the area, is the only social media in Ethiopia. It is also known that social media has been awarded the Tana Award for Recognition to Individuals and Institutions.

Collaborate on feedback from the followers of the site and formulate a strategic and professional plan to start broadly and legally on the information provided on the site in various ways, complete preparations to work with the community in a spirit of honesty and responsibility. Moving to work.

In addition to providing legal and business licenses to stakeholders on WOLIATA TIMES MEDIA and ADVERTISING SERVICES, by launching a strategic and professional plan to start providing information in a responsible and accountable manner. It is a distant media.

Wolata Times Media & Advertising Service will soon be able to provide timely, balanced, and up-to-date information to the local community and the rest of the community in an organized and efficient manner through its licensed social media platforms.

General Objective of organization

Our key general objective is striving to make vibrant society through providing transparent, reliable and timely information.


To be one of Ethiopia’s most creative developmental communication companies by 2030 E.C.


Having active, strong technology oriented and charismatic personnel with deep concern for development issues, we strive to enrich the information needs for Ethiopia’s renaissance through providing excellent communication platforms , Especially on online journalism.


Striving to make vibrant society through Information.

The main problems, activities that the organization address or carries out are.

1. Work to keep the community informed and active in social, economic and political affairs.

2. Provide information to ensure that government- public relations are based on transparency and understanding.

3. Working with various institutions and individuals to lift the community out of poverty and backwardness and to benefit from development.

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